A comprehensive, concise and practical guide to the important discipline of building an effective and useful jazz repertoire. In the ever-changing landscape of the world of the working musician, “Learning Tunes Workout” provides solid, timeless tools for musical growth applicable to the infinite pursuit of the jazz idiom.

Tim Cummiskey is a terrific musician with a strong commitment to assist
other guitarists to play better. His new book Learning Tunes is concise and
well organized, definitely useful for any player to get access to the “good
notes” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Rick Peckham
Guitar Department
Berklee College of Music

Online Lessons

Length of Lesson

Etudes and Transcriptions

1. Harmonized Maj Scale Overview copy – Guitar
2. Triad Pair Etude- Maiden Voyage copy – Guitar
3. Stella- Digital Pattern, Pent, 4ths – Guitar
4. All The Things–Sco Solo copy
5. Ask Me Now-Cohn Solo 2
6. Out Of Nowhere- Jim Hall Solo pdf
7. Mike Stern- Like Someone In Love pdf
8. Jim Hall – Stella pdf.
9. Pat Metheny- All The Things You Are Solo
10. Stella Harmony- Chords 1 – Guitar
11. Donna Lee-L.H. Fingerings
12. Moose The Mooche-L.H. Fingerings 2